Your experience begins here in the village of Dityatky — just on the border of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. It is so close that from a height, somewhere on the horizon, you can see the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And from the main entrance you can see the pines growing there, behind the barbed wire.

Many of our team originate from this region, so we know and feel it. So we didn't want to create just one more hotel. Instead, we created a place that is something much bigger — a hub that will open Chernobyl for you.

We have 21 rooms for 90 guests and 4 separate rooms for 8 more travellers. Also, we have our own grill bar with an author's menu, booking tours to Chernobyl and the region (because there is also a lot of interesting things around), transfers and other services.

All this — with great attention to detail. Because we created this place for you as we would make it for ourselves.

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Stalker Lounge

Our lounge zones are convenient places for work, rest and friendly meetings.

The ground floor lounge has everything you may need to have the mobile office while your trip — high-speed Internet, comfortable chairs, table for a laptop, and even a library on the Chernobyl accident and the history of our region.

The lounge area on the second floor is ideal for discussions, lectures or meetings. Here you will find Sacco chairs, low tables and a plasma TV.




Stalker Grill Bar

Own restaurant with a fantastic menu


from an airport or a railway station


Wi-Fi and
celluar LTE by Vodafone

Stalker Lounge

lounge for work and rest


for people with special needs

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