Let's imagine:
You have walked almost 10 kilometers through the overgrown yards of Pripyat.
You listened to the wind singing in the huge antennas of Duga.
You stood in front of exactly that ChNPP reactor unit.
You have just returned from there – from  the place where   history has changed.

You are overwhelmed by emotions, wish to share impressions, and — trust us — violent hunger.
We have been there many times, and we know that this is exactly what will happen.

That's why we created the Stalker Grill Bar

In our menu you will find both international and Ukrainian cuisine. From real borsch and dumplings, which are signature for our nation, up to huge steaks. Each of our dishes is carefully designed by our chef to please you and be remembered for a long time. By the way, what about his special, graphite burger? 

Or it can be different.

You arrived in the evening to start your journey to the Zone being well-rested the next morning. Here you will find a wide selection of packed lunches and breakfasts designed to give you plenty of energy. And in the evening — take a seat at the bar. Here for you, a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks and cocktails is available. And, of course, stories about the Zone and the surrounding area from our bartender.

If you are lucky, this is where you will meet one of the Chernobyl insiders - researchers, guides or eternally tired dosimeters. It is said that there is a special magic in conversations at the bar. So maybe you will learn something very unusual about the inner world of Chernobyl, or get advice on a secret place worth seeing?



The grill bar is so cool, that it even has its own Instagram: @stalkergrillbar